"Speaking on Stage and Screen"
Jake Tuschinski
Audiences love Jake's lively and entertaining style. She'll have you laughing and learning while skillfully sharing her knowledge as a lifelong student of human behavior and a leadership communication specialist. Jake is a highly sought after speaker with over 25 years of dynamic presentation experience across the globe. She motivates and inspires attendees to discover their personal best to become industry leaders by harnessing their inner CEO. She teaches balanced change while creating certainty, clarity, and confidence. 

"We have used Divinitatis Consulting on multiple occasions and each time Jake Tuschinski hit it out of the ballpark." Laurie Rood, President, HR Done Right, Inc. 

"Jake is an excellent public speaker. Her attention to detail, exceptional communication skills, extensive domain knowledge, and efficient event coordination illustrate the quality of her professionalism. She focuses on the audience to ensure they are engaged, learning, and benefit from the experience." Traci Veteto, President at TKV Enterprises LLC

"Jake is an outstanding and dynamic speaker. She easily holds your audience spellbound throughout her entire presentation. She's high energy in a very professional and engaging way. 5 Stars!" Cindy Morus
Infusionsoft/Keap Expert and Certified Consultant

Resolving The Challenges Of Leadership;
Learn how you can love what you do and 
have a life too. 
Don't have the time, money, energy, or resources you need to get what you want? Are you stuck on a hamster wheel?
You'll Learn Three Secrets In This Webinar:
  • SECRET 1: Leadership is not a formula or a program but a human activity.
  • SECRET 2: Set it and forget it never works, building team buy-in saves time and energy.
  • SECRET 3: Sound strategies lead to results that make room for more of what you want.
Motivational speaker
Brace yourself for an Energetic, Entertaining, and Educational experience that speaks to entrepreneurs, teams, and leaders alike. In 60 fast-paced minutes you will learn to: 
  • Convert survival skills to success skills for greater personal leadership.
  • ​Create power-partners who share your passion and purpose.
  • ​Implement your unique genius and talents to your leadership style.
  • Prioritize for graceful leadership with deep personal clarity on what actions serves your company, clients, and you.
ONLINE training
The Virtual World is here to stay! How well do you communicate your message on the screen? Do you come across as a robot, a reporter, or a likable character? Learn how to:
  • Engage your audience in the first 30 seconds and keep them engaged.
  • Develop a natural authentic speaking style to avoid visual awkwardness on camera. 
  • Choose, develop, and use visual aids to enhance the presentation, not distract the audience.
  • Public Speaking 101 - Vocal Variety, Gestures, Engagement, Eye Contact.
  • Close a session with a call to action.
Speaking Fees 
Speaking is more than showing up and presenting for an hour or a day. For every hour of presentation time, an average of 5 – 7 hours is invested in development. The development includes research, content organization, presentation materials, rehearsal, as well as the need for a team and travel coordination. I consider group size, duration of the presentation, presentation format, and degree of industry customization. My hourly fees range from $250 to $2500. Price shouldn't prevent you, your event, or organization from obtaining the experiential outcomes you seek so we'll work with your budget.

Please schedule a convenient time to discuss your needs for a Speaker or Presentation needs. After we talk, what I propose will be unique to your group but not expensive.